2 Pokemon DS Lites for sale in Japan

Pikachu DS LiteRemember the Pikachu DS Lite that was given away during a contest for japan? Well now it’s for sale (for winners in a drawing) as well as a Pokemon Pearl and Diamond version of the DS Lite but it comes only as a package with other games. The Pearl and Diamond versions you can just pick up at the store but the Pikachu DS Lite (in order to maintain it’s rareness) will be able to be purchased in a drawing. Available for ¥16,800 if one enters the Pikachu DS Lite lottery and wins. From the website it most likely reads “you will/can enter more than once”. People can enter from now till July 1st. Purchases and notifications go out July 20.

Pikachu DS Lite Closed

If you want to attempt to read the rest for yourself (includes rules and stuff) you can do so here (is Google Translated).