skate. delayed two days

Posted on September 9, 2007 by Wailord.
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EA’s upcoming skating game, aptly named “skate.”, looks to finally put up a good fight against Activision’s Tony Hawk series- and from the gameplay that’s been shown and the demo, they’ve done a pretty good job!
Anyway, the game was scheduled for release on September 12 (on the 360), but was pushed back until Friday, September 14 for…well, whatever reason. They didn’t give one.
skate. is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 on September 14 and 24, respectively.

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Crysis Demo Live on September 25

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Sorry about the lack of news the past few days. Some things came up, and I wasn’t able to write- sorry!

Yup! I’ve written about Crysis before, and it looks insane! The demo will include one level from single-player (“Contact”), and will be a good example of what to expect in the final release (“nanosuit” technology, amazing visuals, etc.) The demo is also said to include a “surprise” from Crytek…oh, what could it be?

Xbox Live gets hit by Hurricane Maintenance on September 10

Posted on September 4, 2007 by Wailord.
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Boo. Xbox Live will be going down on September 10 (next…Monday) for four entire hours, lasting from 2:01PDT (5:01EDT) through 6:01PDT (9:01EDT). What horrible monstrosity could cause such a horrible act of terror?
Standard maintenance, of course. Maybe we’ll get something extra, but…maintenance is all they’re saying. Now, what can we all do without our Halo, Call of Duty, or Gears of War?
Oh, right. Those games have single-player…

Donkey Kong Country 4 isn’t completely out of the question

Posted on September 2, 2007 by Wailord.
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As you may or may not know (I’ll assume the latter), Rare’s UK site ( has an interesting section called “Scribes“, where people send in questions or comments regarding the company and their games, and a nice-sized batch of them are answered whenever the next one goes up (which isn’t to often- three this year). Luckily, when it does update, it’s chock-full of information straight from the horse’s mouth- and the best part is that it isn’t all corporate and professional, meaning we get answers, not “we cannot comment on that at this time”. Which is cool.
Anyway, on to the actual post topic. The most recent update was the 30th of August (four days ago) and while most of the questions focused on Viva Pinata or Banjo, there were a few regarding Donkey Kong, one specifically regarding a new 2D Kong game. In reference to a a DKC4:

…while the latter’s not so likely unless Nintendo specifically requests it.

Mind you, I’m not saying that DKC4 is coming out any time soon. I’m not saying that at all- just that if push came to shove and Nintendo truly wanted another DKC game, well, they know who to hit up for the goods.

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BioShock Review

Posted on August 21, 2007 by Wailord.
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If you’ve played the demo, the opening sequence is identical, as is the story: it’s 1960, and you (Jack Fontaine- how do you not remember your own name?) are on a plane over the mid-Atlantic for a reason only you would know. For some reason, the plane crashes, and your lucky self doesn’t explode, but nearly drowns. In an effort to live, you find a lighthouse, which is all too convenient. You swim over to it and enter a Bathysphere, and pull a lever…probably not the smartest thing you’ve ever done: welcome to Rapture.

Blog Post VI: Return of the BioShock news

Posted on August 19, 2007 by Wailord.
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Woo, another BioShock post. You can’t get enough of the upcoming game (oh, and more reviews came in…more 10/10 reviews; sadly, its worst review now stands at a 94…) from Irrationa- oh, wait, 2K Boston and 2K Australia. Anyway, recently, the demo hit the Xbox LIVE Marketplace- and absolutely rocked- but the PC fans were sadly left out (I’m not a PC gamer…but I hear they were left out, and I’m sure they were sad!). Apparently 2K has announced that a PC demo will be available tomorrow at 7:00PM EST (oddly precise…), presumably from their website. Those of you who haven’t played the demo, it is absolutely fantastic, and those who still aren’t big on BioShock, how about this: many sources are considering BioShock overtaking Ocarina of Time as the best game ever made. Now, how can you not play something that’s sure to set video game records?

Hint: You can’t.

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BioShock reviews are nothing short of INSANE

Posted on August 16, 2007 by Wailord.
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Yeah, that’s right. I’ve been tracking the underwater sci-fi shooter for a while, and it looked really nice. The demo recently hit the Marketplace and solidified my opinion: this game will rock. But hey, that’s just me. Normally, I’d tell you not to go with the critics: their jobs are to be critical and truly let you know if it’s worth the $60 to drop down on it. Maybe I still should. IGN just put up their review for BioShock. They gave the game a 9.7/10– the highest any Xbox 360 game has ever received- ever. Not in the last month, not in the last year, ever- no Xbox 360 game has received a higher score from IGN. Maybe you don’t like IGN? Not big on their reviewers? Maybe you should take the five other 100%s? How about the 99% from Console Game World? Oh, you’re the type that looks for the worst review?

Ok, feel free to look at TeamXbox’s 95% review- the worst BioShock review out there. The game’s just that good, people- it’s rated the third best on IGN’s Top 100, too. Thought I’d throw that in.

Beautiful Katamari Demo Rolls into Marketplace

Posted on August 14, 2007 by Wailord.
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The possibly-not-on-PS3 Beautiful Katamari was released earlier this morning on the Xbox Live Marketplace for demoing purposes. Weighing in at a 432.37 MB, it lasts only three minutes and takes place on a small stage, which is too bad. But, hey, who cares? It’s Katamari. On the 360!
Though, the controls are bothersome. With the odd placement of the analog sticks on the 360’s controller, it feels weird moving both forward, even if they’re at different spots…maybe you won’t mind it, but personally, I do. To each his own!

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Reminder: Madden 08 tomorrow, launch parties tonight

Posted on August 13, 2007 by Wailord.
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Yup, today’s the day: August…13. You know, the day before Madden 08 comes out. If you want to preorder, today’s your last day to do it- and preorders are selling like hotcakes for the 08 installment. If you already have it preordered, your store probably has a launch party, so I suggest calling them.

I don’t know what else I can say. Uh, buy Madden?

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More BioShock goodness: Demo Impressions

Posted on August 12, 2007 by Wailord.
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Warning: Spoilers for the DEMO ONLY will be from here on in…

I’ll go ahead and let you know this: BioShock will definitely be in the top three best 360 games to come out this year- that’s with Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, and Halo 3 in mind, too. The Plasmid system is fantastic, and the game’s nice and fast, and there isn’t a dull part at all (aside from the lame cutscenes…). The game’s extremely creepy- maybe even moreso than the Resident Evil series (!)- all thanks to the underwater setting and eerie noises (creaking metal, dripping water- so cliche, but so cool). You find a radio real early on (first minute) and use it to talk to some guy who’s trying to find his family. He acts as the tutorial, guiding you through the game- not button-wise, but goal-wise, telling you where to go and such. (more…)

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Bioshock Announcement: BIOSHOCK DEMO!

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As I mentioned in the previous posts, Spike TV ran an exclusive trailer and a surprise announcement regarding Bioshock: THE BIOSHOCK DEMO IS AVAILABLE ON THE XBOX LIVE MARKETPLACE RIGHT NOW! It came along with an exclusive trailer. The demo is free and can be downloaded for 1.35 GB, albeit extremely slow with the bogged-down servers.

Why it was announced on Spike TV as a commercial during a crappy show, I don’t know, but it’s Bioshock news nontheless, which promises to be one of the best games for the 360…ever.

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