Best of 2007 #4: BioShock

BioshockA man…has a choice. I chose…BioShock.
Welcome to Rapture. The underwater thriller is near-perfect from start-to-finish, and has everything that a good game needs: graphics, a story, and gameplay. The controls are flawless, the Plasmid system is awesome (with nice controls to go with it), and the story is probably the best I’ve seen in a game…ever. You start off on a plane (for a few seconds), only to have it crash (why did it crash? that’s for the player to decide…). You are dying in the water, near-drowning, and need something to save you, and quick- there, in the corner! That lighthouse!

You enter…but who would have expected a gateway to something as horrible as Rapture?

The game has won many, many, many awards, such as…
Best Original Score (VGAs), Best Xbox 360 Game (VGAs), Game of the Year (VGAs), Best Xbox 360 Game (Metacritic), Best Xbox 360 Game (GameRankings). As well as THIRTY 10/10s, not including one from me.

While BioShock may have been a cinematic perfection, it had its flaws. The game was too easy and too short for my liking, but that puts hardly the dent in this masterpiece.

If you would like to know more about BioShock, please read my review.