BioShock reviews are nothing short of INSANE

Yeah, that’s right. I’ve been tracking the underwater sci-fi shooter for a while, and it looked really nice. The demo recently hit the Marketplace and solidified my opinion: this game will rock. But hey, that’s just me. Normally, I’d tell you not to go with the critics: their jobs are to be critical and truly let you know if it’s worth the $60 to drop down on it. Maybe I still should. IGN just put up their review for BioShock. They gave the game a 9.7/10– the highest any Xbox 360 game has ever received- ever. Not in the last month, not in the last year, ever- no Xbox 360 game has received a higher score from IGN. Maybe you don’t like IGN? Not big on their reviewers? Maybe you should take the five other 100%s? How about the 99% from Console Game World? Oh, you’re the type that looks for the worst review?

Ok, feel free to look at TeamXbox’s 95% review- the worst BioShock review out there. The game’s just that good, people- it’s rated the third best on IGN’s Top 100, too. Thought I’d throw that in.