Blog Post VI: Return of the BioShock news

Woo, another BioShock post. You can’t get enough of the upcoming game (oh, and more reviews came in…more 10/10 reviews; sadly, its worst review now stands at a 94…) from Irrationa- oh, wait, 2K Boston and 2K Australia. Anyway, recently, the demo hit the Xbox LIVE Marketplace- and absolutely rocked- but the PC fans were sadly left out (I’m not a PC gamer…but I hear they were left out, and I’m sure they were sad!). Apparently 2K has announced that a PC demo will be available tomorrow at 7:00PM EST (oddly precise…), presumably from their website. Those of you who haven’t played the demo, it is absolutely fantastic, and those who still aren’t big on BioShock, how about this: many sources are considering BioShock overtaking Ocarina of Time as the best game ever made. Now, how can you not play something that’s sure to set video game records?

Hint: You can’t.