Brawl Update: Super Spicy Curry

Man that is hot!Do you remember from cartoons when one of the characters eats extremely hot food and they start breathing flames? Well, today’s SSBB update has themes that are just like that. The update introduces a new item, superspicy curry.

When you eat it gives you heartburn, which can lead to Acid Reflux Disease. That’s why you should ask your doctor about the purple pill called…oh wait.

Figure 1:Curry Combos Anyways, when you really eat it, it causes you to breathe fire!!!! Awesome!!! Yoshi will be able to breathe fire (without having to use his finishing move)!! Woo! You also spew fire when you attack other players, allowing “combo” moves to be performed. Apparently your whole body emits a ember aurora as seen in the picture to the left.

That looks hot! You might want to have a glass of water with that curry. Or maybe several glasses of water….

Need Water!