Burnout speeding to the mobile platform

EA announced that they are developing Burnout (the best racing game ever) for the mobile phone. With this new addition to the Burnout series, people will be able to “take their dangerous driving experience wherever and whenever they are on the move”. Apparently, they are oblivious to how bad Burnout Legends was for the Nintendo DS, now take that game and give it worse graphics and you will get Need for Speed for the Mobile. While EA has yet to release screenshots, I assume this game isn’t going to be very good visually and via controls. 🙁

EA believes that fans will be raving about this game, and as a huge fan of the Burnout series, I can say that I for one am not looking forward to this game if it’s anything like Burnout Legends. There will be new game modes exclusive to the Mobile phone version that comes out next month (August).

We hope that you don’t play while you are in your car (or anyone else’s).