Call of Duty!!!!!! New map pack has been announced

Activision, the makers of Call of Duty 3 (which is what this map pack is for), is announcing their new map pack, called Bravo, which will come out for the Xbox 360 in May. Much like what Microsoft is doing with the Halo map ports, Activision is going to have old maps that were featured in previous Call of Duty games be ported over to the newest game. It will also feature new maps as well.

Currently, Activision has only released the names (and a few screenshots [unfortunately, we currently don’t have access to their press server at this time but we will describe the maps to you]) of the new maps. The new maps names are Seine River, Rimling and Aller Haut. Aller Haut is, in simplicity, a death zone. It features a huge field, one American tank and a small church on a hill that is best set up for snipers. Seine River features a night map, that is set in a small town near a river (thus the name). It has fog issues so you best be careful. The Rimling map is a semi-realistic battle in German village.

The two other maps that were announced from old games are Gare Centrale and Merseilles.

If you are a major Call of Duty fan (like the people on “The Office” are), and you own the game for the Xbox 360 then you should check out this map pack.

It will cost about 800 Xbox Live points.