Can’t get away from Live? Do you wish there was a XboxBoy Advance?

Well, there isn’t…at least not any that don’t explode in your hands. But here is an alternative that two serious gamers named Brandon Wirtz and Jake Ludington made their very own Xbox Live enabled car. It’s an Xbox 360, with Live support in a car. Letting you to be able to frag whoever, whenever, where-ever. Pure bliss.

According to Jake’s website he says that they were playing while someone else was driving (this is not recommended for people who can’t multitask or ingore the sounds of a fragfest) around Mountain View California (where there is free Wi-Fi everywhere because it’s provided by our friends at Google). Anyway, their setup is crazy and it would have costed them a bit over $4000 dollars (this is what they predict but they had most of the stuff laying around). Which includes a 23-inch HDTV, an Xbox 360, laptop, Xbox 360 Live Vision, and inverters (for power reasons).

Then they connected the Xbox to the Laptop and used it for internet by hacking the mac address. By the way, Major Nelson (who actually played with them over Live) says “This is not a supported method to use your Xbox 360 or connect to Xbox Live, but kudos to you if you can make it work.” They have a video that shows them playing the Xbox in the car, which you can check out here. Congrats guys for getting noticed by Major Nelson.