Check Mii Out

Nintendo has announced a new Wii Channel that will be releasing soon. With the most dumbest name ever, “Check Mii Out” (ugh, sounds like a terrible Teen Girl Squad magazine article [or something with Hanna Montana in it]), the new channel’s features are pretty much summed up in it’s name.

Check Mii Out allows you to upload your own and browse Miis from around the world. And exchange Miis with others.

You can search for Miis through the channel and look around for “that Special Mii” (no fooling, that is straight from the press release). How corny is that? Sounds like shopping for a Christmas gift. Find that Special Mii this year for that someone you love, get a Holiday Santa Mii Ordainment to really capture the true spirit of this holiday season, only at Fred Mey-As well as searching you can also tag favorites, and import Miis you find to your console (sweet).

Players can also enter in a special contest section where you have to create a Mii that fits a certain category and upload it (you have 1 week to do so). Then people will vote on the ones that fit the category the best the week after. Of course, you don’t get anything for winning (I think the winner should get a most excellent prize)..

Check Mii Out will be available on the evening of November 11th as a free channel under the WiiWare category of the Wii Shop Channel.