European Police say that the PS3 launch would be too dangerous at night

In Europe, the PS3 releases in about a day or so (in America time, Europe has about 2 more days until launch). However, launch parties will be different according to the police. The European Police have asked stores to not sell the system at night, and that the official selling time should be sometime in the morning (like 7AM), instead of midnight.

Their reasoning is that the police don’t want to repeat what happened during the US launch of the PS3, with people being shot and robbed or in any way, harmed. But instead of just saying they don’t want to repeat the past, they came up with “[to] guarantee gamers have access to public transport so they can easily and safely transport their consoles home in daylight.” Which sounds like they were asked by Sony to move the time of launch to sometime during daylight.

The cool part is that for those that pre-ordered their consoles will get freebies. Like if you ordered it from GAME, you will be invited to their store at 7AM to have tea and crumpets, as well as Free Sony Stuff. Other stores are offering the first 150 customers who buy the console a free Virtua Tennis 3 (which is good for people to take their PS3 Rage out on [for those people that have that sort of problem]).