Brawl dishing out even more Fire Emblem love

With yesterday’s announcement of Ike being a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii), Fire Emblem had its first and only (confirmed)¬†presence¬†in the game- that is, until today. Castle Seige, set in the Fire Emblem universe (not from a particular place or game, though), is a medieval-like stage that has three (known?) levels to it: first, the outside of the castle, where there (apparently) is a battle trying to be won below, and later in the match, boom! The floor shatters, and everyone falls into the castle.

You fight there, and statues (from what I see) can wonder into the playing field, which you can shatter to bits. You can see an army of soldiers in the background, fitting the whole battle thing. After you play some more (no times are confirmed for anything yet), the floor shatters, and you fall into the Underground. The Dojo leaves us hanging, showing a hazy-brown screenshot with what look like water ripples, as the combatants are falling further down…

The stage looks very nice (graphics-wise) and is very rich in color- one of the nicest looking yet!