Ocean’s 13 Picture Pack and Theme and free AniMatrix episode on Xbox Live

While this is last night’s news (no access to site = no news), we are going to post it anyway. Last night, Microsoft released the Ocean’s 13 Picture pack (which has about 5 or so pictures) and a free Ocean’s 13 Theme (Which all blades of the Dashboard are of the same picture [complete waste]. And there is only 12 of them not 13) on Live.

Also, Warner Brothers put up the first episode of the AniMatrix (Animated Matrix [yeah, of the movie]) on Xbox Live titled “The Second Renaissance” (126MB). You can find this episode under the TV shows section of Live and then it should be in the Top TV Episodes area. If you want the episode for free you will have to download it this week, afterwards you would have to pay the MS points.

And to hit you over the side of the head with advertising, T-Mobile released their own Theme (it’s okay) and Picture pack for free. T-Mobile’s stuff is just to advertise rather then be a cool design (What’s with all the batteries in the stuff? Is it trying to show how many you will be going through if you buy the Sidekick ID?). It is mainly just a waste of hard drive space [unless you have a TM Sidekick].