GameSpotting! Giveaways

We here at GameSpotting! love free stuff. So, we present to you a new GameSpotting! promotion- the first three to comment on a marked story get a two-day pass to Xbox Live Gold, absolutely free.

We don’t want a totally random “oh that’s cool” or some one worded comment like, “cool” or “wut”, but along the lines of, “I can’t wait for Corruption! It’s gonna rock!”. We have plenty of these to give away, so any post with the Giveaway Badge (the orange badge you see at the beginning of this post) is eligible- see a post with the badge, comment on the story, get a two-day pass to Xbox Live Gold. Once all the codes have been given out for a particular post, the badge will be removed from that post (the exception is this post). It’s that simple! We’ll kick it off with this post.

If you are looking to get more codes, check the home page of GameSpotting! often, as we have prize posts frequently.