Halo 3 heatmaps

Bungie put up a cool new feature on their website called heatmaps. Heatmaps does exactly as it’s name says, show 2D blueprints of Halo 3 maps overlaid with a heatmap of popular places to kill or die at for that map. Simply put, if a place is really popular (meaning lots of people die or kill at that spot), that spot generates “heat” and has a darker color. Places not so popular have a lighter color.

So, for those curious, you can check out popular places to die/kill at. You also get to specify how the people die/kill in the areas as well. It’s a pretty neat feature. Heatmaps isn’t perfect though, often times (search needler kills) you will find deaths in places where you can’t really die. Like outside the map. You can check out heatmaps by going here.