Halo 3’s one-day sale figures shatter any US movie release, video game

$170 million.
One hundred seventy million dollars.
…in one day.
INSANE. I mean, with inflation, and the fact that movies only cost like $15, the figures may seem a tad off, but probably not too far. Not only did it shatter Halo 2’s mark of $125,000,000 on opening day, but also a few threequels: Pirates 3, Star Wars Episode III, Shrek the Third, Spider-Man 3 (the highest grossing movie), X-Men 3, Harry Potter 3, Pirates 2 (c-c-combo breaker!)… Not to mention those figures are opening weekend.
In addition to shattering sales records (oh, that’s $2000 a second), it killed part of Xbox Live yesterday (and is still partly down). Which sucks. No Call of Duty 4 beta for me…