Hotel Dusk is out Today

Hotel Dusk is the coolest mystery game for the DS since Another (which I admit was rather short, unfortunately [it’s also funny because it’s made by the people who made Another]). The game is pure 3D genius. The graphics are awesome. It’s extremely detailed and there is lots to explore. You play the game like you would with Brain Age, sideways (because Nintendo states that Hotel Dusk is read like a book). And control the map on the touch screen. Want to go left? Then stroke left, and the game moves left. You can examine objects in the game that light up.

The story is extremely well written and it is dynamic, meaning that what you say and do affects how the story goes. Like those other “Choose Your Path” games. The game is like you writing the story. You can write memos and take notes about characters. You start out in 1979, 3 days after Christmas (December 28th). You play as ex-Cop Kyle Hyde, and you have a past that is not revealed to the players. You are looking for your partner Bradley, who mysteriously disappeared some years ago. After being fired from the force you get a job at Red Crown as a salesman. One night you get a crazy dream that you found your partner but then you killed him. As you drive down to LA where your new job is you check in at a old hotel called Hotel Dusk. You are checked in to room 215, which is a room where it’s said that wishes are granted. Very odd people work at Hotel Dusk, and it’s your job to figure out why.

This game seems really good and I suggest that if you have a DS, this is a game to pick up.