How-to: Gliding in SSBB

You can fly!Apparently, Meta Knight, Charzard and Pit can all fly (more like glide) as seen in this picture to the right.

The newest update tells us to jump in mid air using one of the characters above. After doing so, you hold the jump button (or move the control stick back and forward) and you will be able to glide! Then you can control your movements the way you would control a plane or something. Move the stick back to fly up and the control stick forward to dive down.

This guy is probably going to loseThe downside to gliding (like with most Super Smash Bros. Brawl updates, there is some sort of downside to the move) is that you can’t change direction once you start flying. Plus you are still vulnerable when flying, so don’t think flying all the way to the top of the level will work the best, as stalling is not your friend.

The upside to this move is that:

A) You can fly like Peter Pan

B) It would work great when the devil guy is the selected “assist” trophy, allowing you to be able to fly the the side he points to faster.

C) Possible combos?

And that’s all for today’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl update.