Brawl Dojo update: Ike from Fire Emblem playable, Pitfall, DK Final Smash

Since Monday, we’ve seen three updates from the Super Smash Bros. Dojo, the website that gives a new tidbit of information about Brawl every midnight (PDT). The first day showed us Donkey Kong’s Final Smash, taken directly from the DK Bongo games. Once activated, Donkey Kong whips out a fresh set of DK Bongos and starts jammin’, and the deadly rhythms inflict damage on your opponents- feel the power…of MUSIC! He finishes with a nice, rhythmic clap, which’ll probably send your enemies flying.

The second day brought us an item that we haven’t seen in past Smash games: Pitfall, from Animal Crossing. You grab it, throw it, it disappears, and if someone walks over it…bam- they’re stuck in the ground for [x] amount of time. Those really got on my nerves in Animal Crossing DS, so…I imagine it being much more annoying while I’m trying to play Smash Bros.!

The third and most recent update brought the best sort: a new playable character. Ike, from Fire Emblem, will be playable in Brawl, with a special move called “Aether”, which is a single sword slash that is quite powerful. There seems to be a lot of disagreement in the Brawl community regarding this, but we have yet to see the fates of Roy & Marth (Roy’s our boy!)- they could both be taken in out for Ike, or both left in, leaving three characters from Fire Emblem, or just one or the other.We’ll keep you updated, but if you can’t wait, check out the Smash Bros. Dojo at 12:00AM (PDT) or 3:00AM (EDT) at