Lego becomes an MMO

According to the Lego Group (the people who make Legos if it isn’t obvious enough) there will be a new game on shelves next Christmas (in other words, 2008). Called Lego Universe, the game will be developed by NetDevil, makers of Auto Assult. The game is going to be a Massively Multiplayer Online game so that you can play with other Lego-ers online. The Lego Group claims that it will be more “child-safe” than other games like WoW.

In this universe players will be able to create and customize your Lego guys (called mini-figs) and “interact” in the world with the character you made. It is supposed to create “unique opportunities for players to expand and explore with their creations”. How they will do that and manage to be kid friendly? We suspect heavily enforced rules and parental controls.