Marathon: Durandal is now on XBL

Wow, Bungie’s second game in the Marathon Trilogy, Marathon 2: Durandal, is now on Xbox Live. In Marathon 2, you play as the Security officer guy that you did in Marathon 1, except this time you are trying to stop an attack on earth (among various other tasks). You continuously are taking orders from Durandal, the AI which has gone insane in Marathon 1. Here on the new planet which you inhabit for the rest of the game, you must stop the Pfhor from advancing and destroying earth throughout a variety of missions.

Marathon had many themes in its series, like the recurring number 7, stuff about dreams and etc. Marathon 2: Durandal for the Xbox Live Arcade has been revamped from the original 1995 version by a company called Freeverse Software, with support for 4 player split screen, better graphics, a new game mode named Survival, support for Xbox Live (that’s a given) and 8 player co-op over XBL.

The game is 138.25MB and is priced at 800 MS Points. It’s still rated M for mature.