Watch your language Nintendo!

Mario Party 8Nintendo forgot to correct a phrase in Mario Party 8’s game script where the word “spastic” is used by Kamek (that weird magic koopa that appears every now and then in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door). Specifically, the word spastic is said on the Shy Guy’s Perplex Express map when Kamek says her rhyme “Magikoopa magic! Turn the train spastic! Make this ticket tragic!” to rearrange the train cars. This isn’t the first time spastic has been used in game for a Nintendo platform, the first time was in MindQuiz (the poor man’s Brain Age).

As a result Mario Party 8 is currently being recalled in the UK on the terms the “wrong version” of Mario Party 8 was supplied to retailers. The game will have the offending word removed and Mario Party 8 will be reshipped again. Nintendo stated that they will release a statement when the games are to reship.