Next week Wii Virtual Console games may include

China Warrior Main ScreenThis coming in from Hudson Soft, China Warrior from the TurboGrafx-16 will be releasing for the Wii Virtual Console. This information is confirmed with Hudson Soft. Priced at 600 Wii Points, you must play as a Kung Fu master who must defeat the evil emperor of China and save the lands from his evil reign.

China Warrior AttackBut here is the semi-unverified information that we caught wind from Nintendo. Last time we believed this source, the game they mentioned was postponed for a later date and then released. But here’s hoping they are right.

The game that is supposed to release in the US (it’s going to release in Europe along with China Warrior which is also releasing here [but then Nintendo would bring this game to the US as well, right?]), is the classic 1989 Megaman from the NES priced at 500 Wii Points. My name comes from the Megaman series, and it’s only really mentioned in 3 of the games (if you can figure out which game first has my name in it, then you are a major Megaman fan). So let’s hope that we are right in assuming it comes to America.