Nintendo gets in the act at E3

Alright, so Nintendo had a few things to say at E3, and they were kind enough to go into extreme detail over their new products. The conference started out by explaining how well everything was selling. The DS has a huge market lead, and the Wii is dominating, etc.

Nintendo also announced several release dates for popular upcoming games:

  1. Mario Galaxy is appearing on 11/12/07
  2. The popular sequel to Melee, (Super Smash Bros.) Brawl will bust out on 12/3
  3. Mario Kart for the Wii will drift in near the start of 2008 (and it will come with a custom Wii Wheel)

Besides just listing some of their new releases, Nintendo showed everyone that the Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is overweight according to their new game Wii Fitness (the game comes with a mat that has a weight scale inside of it). A new game that hopes to take down lazybones and obese people. It’s like one of those exercise videos, except without the horrible music and annoying “Okay, let’s do the downward dog and again. And now breathe in and out” over and over again. The game analyzes your movements and then comes up with a workout plan based on those movements. It also helps improve balance which is good for those who can’t stop tripping.

The last thing they showed off was the Wii Zapper, from the good old NES days (which might be a sign that Duck Hunt will appear on the Wii Virtual Console). The Zapper will cost about $20 dollars, and will come with a bundled game. Wii Zappers will appear in stores before the end of the year.