Nintendo publishes Wii Health/Safety Tips

Due to the recent “accidents” that have occured because of players not properly holding the WiiMotes correctly, Nintendo has released a small little tutorial on how to hold a remote correctly. I just wanted to write about some of the major points. Nintendo states that in order to have “maximum” and a “good quality” gaming expirence, it is recommended that you stop and make sure that all players are wearing the wii strap correctly.

Nintendo has also stated that it might be good to fasten the strap to your wrist using the very weak strap lock. I personally, recommend that duct tape is used when securing the strap.





If you like to share (like during a party), then please wipe the remote with a towel after use. TV’s may be harmed elsewise. Nintendo says, “Wearing the wrist strap will help prevent the Wii Remote from flying across the room if you [or some newb] ‘accidentally’ let go of it during game play”. Don’t a loser party host, have a backup TV screen in case one implodes due to the effect of a small thin white remote going 35 MPH into the 75′ TV screen that you own (I know you all have them. You can’t deny it).

If you get tired, or are exceptionally sweaty then Nintendo says that you are out of shape (offical quote: “if people are finding themselves sore, they may need to exercise more”, nice rhyme).

Nintendo suggests that in addition to the Wiimote strap you should also do Link’s hurricane spin regularly so you can DOUBLE THE DAMAGE! At any point your WiiMote will go flying from your hand and hit something that is relatively valuable for FREE!

Alright! Massive Combo!

Okay, fine. Nintendo didn’t act so sarcastic. You can really read their recommendations here.