Nintendo will fix broken DS lite hinges for free

Some DS Lite owners have complained that their DS Lite hinge was cracked on the left side. Since than every blog on the internet has been posting about this. Saying that all units are doomed. Well Nintendo has reported that only 0.02% of all DS Lite units have this problem and that owners can get their unit fixed for free without having to pay the original 50 dollar price that was charged because the crack was considered out of warranty. So if your DS Lite has the crack then you can get yours fixed for free.

Remember that you can call Nintendo Support at 1-800-225-3700

This is for hinges that broke themselves and were faulty from the start, and not for hinges that broke due to neglect, abuse or any accident that you may have inflicted on your machine.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is over two years old, it was available back in 2006. Other users in the comments are mentioning that this offer has expired. We have reason to believe that this is the case.