Ocarina of Time retains its Best Game Ever status on MetaCritic

There’s been a lot of hoopla today about Super Mario Galaxy overtaking Ocarina of Time as the best game of all time on GameRankings (two stories on the front page of digg.com and nearly every video game blog reporting on it). If you’re unfamiliar with GameRankings, the site is a review aggregator, collecting reviews from many magazines, web sites, and TV shows. The scores are done via percentages, and as of posting, Super Mario Galaxy boasts a 0.2% lead of OoT (97.8% vs 98.6%). However, GameRankings is not the only site of its kind; another (fairly popular) site, MetaCritic, which does the same thing (only with a score, out of 100), lists OoT one point ahead of Galaxy. So while “today, [may] be known as video game legend”, it’s not universal…yet.