PAX 2007 coolness

PAX was awesome this year (which is also my first year of going and words can’t really explain how much fun I had [though I can try]). And let me tell you, there are a lot of weird people who like to dress up as their favorite characters in this world. After waiting in line (after you get your tickets you have to wait in this long line till the convention starts, and I wish I brought my DS 🙁 ). To make it easier for you to read (and for me to write this) I have bolded the game titles.

While Halo 3 wasn’t there to allow me to spoil everything to you (and I would have done it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids), there was a lot of other cool games. While I was at the Penny Arcade Expo, I got to play quite a few games (obviously). First up was PGR 4, which was completely unmanned at the time. PGR 4 has that same PGR goodness from 3 but with better graphics and an awesome motorcycle mode. Some Gamespot guys came up and started filming me while playing (and that’s just annoying. They turn on this freakingly bright light) and caused me to crash into a wall (dang it). Anyways, I noticed that PGR 4 seems to have the exact same tracks and courses as PGR 3, the only real difference is the weather (and the odd menu). They also had some FPS game networked, yet there was no title other than “Made for Windows”. Wow, that’s helpful. After 30 minutes the Microsoft booth was swamped with people watching and playing Guitar Hero (which people practically killed each other in order to play it before others [it was like a huge pigpile in a very small area]).

Next up, Metroid Prime Corruption. I didn’t get to play this game. The guy ahead of me took 45 mins to try to complete the level and I got tired of waiting and played Super Mario Strikers Charged (which was a mix between me owning and me getting owned by several people [including a Nintendo employee]). But back onto Metroid Prime Corruption, the game looks freaking awesome. The Wii mote is the perfect controller for the thing. I really can’t say much else (I really wish I did play it). Nintendo also had Chibi Robo (which was the dumbest thing ever) and LOZ: Phantom Hourglass. Phantom Hourglass has the best DS graphics by far and the controls are really good (I was expecting some awkward touch controls in order to move but I was wrong).

Afterwords, I walked around and played Ace Combat 6 (I have the demo and I am really good at it) and some GameTrailers people came and filmed me. Ace Combat looks like it really has potential, but knowing the publisher, it has a high chance of getting it’s storyline messed up or coming out as really really corny. My brother was playing Katamari and got filmed playing that too. Beautiful Katamari looks like another great addition to the series.

SEGA brought out some not so great games. Their selection was rather bland and lacking. Who wants to play SEGA Motor Rally? Not me. I mozyed on over to Gametap, where no one really knows that there is a line behind them and they should get out of the way [I saw the same two guys playing Tetris for an hour]).

The Sony booth was rather lacking, all they really had was karaoke, where some people came up and sang to music. Ugh. They had about 4 demo stations, and they all sucked.

The main floor was about 50 % ads for various MMORPGs. Most were for Runescape. One of which was Pirates of the Burning Sea. The game plays rather nicely, however there was no real action, just running through a town. But I will give them a break as it’s only a beta and not everything was made in the game just yet. However, if we get some real Pirate action, it would be a great MMO to pick up. I also noticed an odd new title that was Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness (jeez, what a title), that game looks like a ton of running with no apparent story line. Most of the people at the demo stations were spending their time making their own character.

The Red vs. Blue guys were there, unfortunately Caboose was not with them [dang]. After that, I went over to the Dell/Alienware booth, where people were playing Bioshock, Lost Planet, Runescape and one system had game that looked like Stranglehold. I really didn’t get to see anything. None of the Dell people would let me go near the booth without me filling out 18+ question survey. Thanks guys. They were really desperate to get people within the 15-20 age area.

For people that love the Hitman series, they will not be disappointed with Kain and Lynch, the game where shooting random people while in super fast bullet time is encouraged. Hopefully, it will have the same strong backstory to it.

So that about wraps it up from memory (I didn’t really go over the games I played much, I probably should have wrote this when I got back from PAX, as it would have really helped and I could make this more “vivid”).