Vista Live and Xbox Live. Play against Xbox Live players via Vista Live

Microsoft in the past said that Vista Live would only allow people to play same console games. No cross console compatibility. Well today Microsoft retracted that statement and told us that PC users can frag friends on the Xbox 360 via Live. However, there is a catch to this and that is that you both have to have Gold Live Accounts. Of course if you have a Gold Xbox Live account then you automatically have a Gold Vista Live account.

Microsoft released more information about Vista Live’s release (which happens to be May 8th. This is also the day when Halo 2 comes out for Vista) and stated what each membership does with Vista Live.

Silver Membership: As with Xbox Live, the silver membership is free to all users, and you can use the same gamertag with both Xbox Live and Vista Live. You can also have achievements but only for single player. Voice Chat and messaging are included with Vista Live for free. However with Silver you can only play with Vista Users.

Gold Membership: You get all of the above, plus the ability to play against Xbox/Vista Live users. You also get a feature called “TrueSkill” matchmaking, which basically is finding opponents based on their achievements/playing style. You also can also get multiplayer achievements that will save to your profile.

If you want to signup for Vista Live beta click here.