Pokemon Pearl and Diamond release tomorrow

3D Pokemon GraphicsNintendo’s famous franchise line, Pokemon, is going to have two new games that will release tomorrow in the US. Pearl and Diamond will release tomorrow (4/22) for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. Last time we checked with Nintendo, the game has had over 500,000 pre-orders, and more coming everyday. So if you are a major Pokemon fan (like some of our readers), you best get out there and grab yourself a copy.

The new Pokemon game features over 400 Pokemon, VOIP so you can talk to friends (if you have their friend code) and for the first time ever for the handheld Pokemon games, 3D graphics (as seen above). And many more features (like digging for treasure, traps, touch screen features, etc) and some classic ones too (like day and night, contests, and secret bases).

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