Review: Borderlands

Borderlands is the definition of timewaster without paying for a subscription (also joining this game is the Oblivion series). The DLC is pricey and the game’s missions are very meh.

You’ll probably get sucked into this game if you love guns, have completionist syndrome or like to explore forever and not find anything. Enemies are jerks, but sooner or later you’ll find that god gun and everyone will fall in less than two shots. I found the god shotgun (same one from Mass Effect) that fired from across the room and took out bosses in a single blow.

The game is not balanced and wants to be a “tough game for REAL MEN” but it doesn’t do a very good job at this. Explosions aren’t all that great and the world is desolate and can be very boring. Networking is meh and everything is powered by “blast from the past” GameSpy Arcade. Borderlands is prone to really bizarre errors.

That said, people will tell you that “YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS”, but Borderlands nowhere near your expectations.

Verdict: DEPENDS.

Additionally, a lot of this game is just hype. It’s great for wasting time in, but sooner or later it will lose its appeal.