Review: Mini Ninjas

While Mini Ninjas looks like a childish game, I will inform you that it really isn’t. Combine Ninjas, the Thief series, a chibi art style, loads of humor, and the Hitman series and you get Mini Ninjas. The story is well executed and the worlds you travel to are amazing. The visuals are superb!

I really really really cannot stress how much you need to play this game. IO Interactive did a fantastic job with Mini Ninjas, and it’s definitely something you should experience.

The downside is that this is probably a 6-8 hour ride (only if you go for all the items. If you don’t the game lasts about 3-5 hours). The game is so short, but it is a lot of fun and you’ll enjoy it. But do try to find it cheaper than $15 dollars.

Verdict: BUY