Review: [Prototype]

Looking at this game, you’re probably wondering…”Should I buy [Prototype]?”. It depends. Prototype is a basically the definition of a murder simulator. All you do in this game is kill and attempt to hide.

The AI is crap, the locations are meh, you see the same civilian about a billion times in the same area you are in, the missions have barely any variety (other than kill more people and run up a building) and Alex Mercer is so emo it’s not even funny.

So should you get this game? The only thing [Prototype] has that GTA, Saint’s Row, and Just Cause don’t have is extreme gore and constant killing in grotesque ways. If you want something with a bit more depth than that, I would advise you to look somewhere else. Otherwise, welcome to New York, Mr. Mercer.

Verdict: PASS