Review: Star Wars Republic Commando

There is one outstanding game mechanic in SWRC, and that is that you can never really die. When you “die” you are really just incapacitated. And when you are incap’d, you have the ability to force the AI to come heal you or to make them follow current orders (btw, the menu looks awesome here).

Republic Commando has another amazing game mechanic, and that is to be an utterly INANE, EXTREMELY GENERIC FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. There is absolutely nothing else in this game that makes RC stand out against other games. It’s like the developers just gave up after making it just like Rainbow Six or any Tom Clancy game.

That’s not to say it’s a terrible game…well..actually, come to think of it, Star Wars Republic Commando is pretty bad. The levels can be rather confusing and full of tedious objectives and enemies (many of which [I’m looking at you Super Battle Droid] have obscene amounts of health and take forever to die).

Hell, the story isn’t all that great. They even pull the same stupid “Your team will be split up for the rest of the mission, and you will have to save at least one of them” crap that literally every squad FPS game does. Either way, this ended up being my favorite level (the death star like one).

The weapons are rather generic and rarely do anything against any enemy. Most of the time you can kill them with one stab of your Assassin’s Creed wrist blade (I’m not joking). This is a necessity as you’ll have no ammo after all the stupid Super Battle Droids you’ve encountered.

But overall, is it a bad sign that I enjoy dying in an FPS? Maybe. Either way, Republic Commando is the very definition of the word bland.

Verdict: PASS