Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

You heard it before, this game has bugs. But I’m gonna give credit to Aspyr, for they’ve pretty much fixed all of the bugs and made this an almost flawless Star Wars experience.

The story is really intriguing and the graphics look fantastic. Characters have depth to them and real backgrounds, which is nice but could have been explored more. SWFU does have additional content when you beat the game, but that content is rather short. Additionally, the game has this habit of making you explore the same planet about 80 gazillion times. There isn’t enough variety in the levels.

All in all, you’ll be paying for a pure single player experience for the main game (which takes about 8 hours to complete) plus 3-4 free DLC mission packs (which aren’t all that terrible). For it’s price, you could do better, but you really should play Force Unleashed in some way if you haven’t already.

Verdict: WEAK BUY

I don’t advise you to buy this unless it is at a really low price (like $15 dollars or less).