Do you hate your life? Are you over obsessed with rating people or using MySpace?

Ratepoint LogoWell, there is a game out there that could be advertised as “just for you”. Most of you have heard about SecondLife, that crazy game like thing that basically is an MMO+Myspace+3D+Online Friends+Lots of Ads+Real Money+Obsessed People. Anyways, SecondLife is a “popular” game, as stated by the local newspapers here and they have over some 4.7 million users. Well now a company called RatePoint is adding Rating features to SecondLife, now becoming a SecondLife Friends Rating System. Great for those who are obsessed with Social Websites, now you can be obsessed with Rating people and getting ratings in a social website/game/thing.

Personally, I don’t play SecondLife, one because it’s exactly like myspace only more world of warcraft like…kinda…but either way, if you play SecondLife, you might want to check out this rating feature.

You can check out the service here.