Sony Ditches the UMD format

Sony has announced that they will be discontinuing their PSP UMD format that is used for movies. Walmart and Bestbuy and Target have and successfully removed all UMD movies off their shelfs. Why are stores doing this? Because the UMD format “failed” because of third party converter programs that allow owners of a PSP convert their videos to PSP format. Sony is hurting themselves for not putting locking technology on the sticks (I predict sony will do just that [based on their past history of putting drm technology on hardware they have made]).

Sony announced the forthcoming release of a pair of Memory Stick Entertainment Packs. The packages will come in 1GB and 2GB Memory Stick Duos for about $60 and $100–the standard retail price for both items. The movies play in a 240×320-pixel resolution, way lower than the 480×272-pixel resolution PSPs are advertised for.  Since Purchasers of the packs will be able to copy only one of four films that are from a DVD onto their new memory sticks–the others will then be locked and not accessible unless someone cracks it.

So why am I making a big deal about this? Cause it’s a total ripoff to buy the pack. And it also puts sony in the position to start putting DRM schemes on the Media Sticks becuase sony has no means of controlling movies or other files that are copied on the stick.