Sony announces their own SecondLife

PS3 HomeFunny, I was just about to post about SecondLife when Sony reveals that they have announced their own version of SecondLife called Home. Home is like the idea of the waiting room for Phantasy Star Online, during which you can chat and send info to users. In this virtual world you can have your own “apartment” where you have a showcase of your best times in games as well as have the ability to customize it.

How you lookYou can also change how you look and you can play games with friends. The number of things you can do is so long that even I can’t list it. But I can say, that the idea is great. PS3 Home is free, but it’s paid by ads. And to get a better apartment you have to pay real money.

You also have to pay money to see a movie, that’s right, a real, actual, movie. PS3 Home 2And you see it in a movie theater, but the movie is kinda small, though. However, some things are free, like at times EA might offer a minigame that is free to play for Home users. There is also an arcade to play in, but there is no word if it is free or not.

To get a sample of what PS3 Home looks like, check out this video.