Sony seeks new creativity for the PSP

Sony is begging calling for more new game development (not just sequels or ports of other games) on the PSP. Currently, the Nintendo DS has outsold the PSP by a long run, leaving Sony in the dust in the handheld market. Even after some 2 years of being sold in the American market, Sony executives state the PSP lacks “the one title that defines the product”. Normally, this “one title” would be released when the console comes out (in other words, a launch title that shows off the numerous features of the PSP) but Sony had forgotten that small little detail, and apparently are hurting because of it.

Recently, Sony issued a price drop on the PSP, however it has had almost no effect on sales (this is amazing for Sony to say considering they tend to over exaggerate their sales numbers).

So, Sony is hoping to look to expand the PSP to other users in the consumer market (in other words, they hope to look for classic gamers and have other game genres on the PSP).