StarFox, coming to a PC near you.

One of the shipsA bunch of StarFox fans are planning on and currently developing, StarFox for the PC. And from their video, it looks like they are almost done with a preview demo (however they say that it probably won’t be out until another month or two). They have a sweet game going using the Freespace engine, and the graphics are awesome.

Based on their FAQ it will be released for free. But it will probably be shut down by Nintendo as it uses the StarFox name. There are alot of the ships in the game that aren’t from StarFox, despite starfox being the main story of the game. This PC fan game looks like it flows with the idea of StarFox 64 for the Nintendo 64 as you are basically, flying around and shooting things (almost, this isn’t confirmed but it sure looks like it is). However there are supposed to be levels where you can run around and shoot things too (fun!). And there will be multiplayer! They have a bunch of screenshots on their forum

The people making the game are looking for Voice Actors and graphic artists (however the graphics are superb so far). Anyway, be on the look out for this tight game when it’s released. Looks like fun.