The King has creeped us out.

Everyone knows the Burger King guy, right? Well Burger King made 3 Xbox 360 games that involve this creepy royal guy doing all kinds crazy stuff. From racing to performing sneak ups behind people in order to freak them out and give them a cheeseburger (Sounds a lot like Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell), you could play as “The King”. And for some reason, the games are enjoyable. And they sold only for $4 bucks each, which is a great deal for a game that is half way decent.

So what am I getting to? Well Burger King has announced that in just 4 weeks they have sold over 2 million copies of the Burger King games. The best selling game of all 3 is Sneak King.

If you haven’t heard of the games, here is a quick description of them:
Sneak KingSneak King – Play as “The King” as you sneak around and deliver BK products to unsuspecting people. Don’t be seen. This game is probably the best of all three. You can run all around and do really cool poses (they are more funny then cool). Hide in garbage cans, piles of coal, etc.

Pocket Bike RacerPocket Bike Racer – Race around with people from BK. This is probably the only sane game of the series. But only by a little bit. You can drive around as a chicken, drivethru attendent, cheeseburger, the king, along with some other characters too.

Big BumpinBig Bumpin’ – This game’s title is really weird. It’s a bumper car game. And it is probably the lamest game of the series. It’s not much fun, or very funny for that matter.
According to 2 resources, BK is not selling these games out anymore. But after checking out with BK, it would seem like some BK stores are still selling the games. I would suggest you go get one. They are hilarious, and cheap too.