This is what happens when you want to get all the gamerscore points on a game

The xBot controller addon that is super huge. geez.A guy named David Harr wanted to get all of the possible gamerscore points he can (60?) out of Perfect Dark Zero without actually playing it.

So he took the somewhat easy (not really) way of spending 10 hours building an Xbox 360 bot that actually plays the game for you. That’s right, for you. No interaction needed at all. So it’s this HUGE addon for your controller that presses the B and Start buttons at a certain interval. All you have to do is set up the game once and the bot does the rest.

He layed out the steps it takes on his website:

1: START is pressed at the Match Start screen and the cycle begins.
2: Frag limit is reached, screen auto-returns to player review.
3: B is pressed to return to Match Start screen to repeat the cycle.
4: Goto 1

And got 60 gamerpoints for doing it (you can get way more in Full Auto in just 10 easy minuites. I got 245 gamerscore points within the first 20 min) by having the xBot play Perfect Dark Zero on Xbox matches. The bot has a bit of problems. One being that it actually doesn’t fight very well and dies all the time but dieing does count for your matches count (even though you lose all the time).

David lines out the steps to his automation on his website. And it turns out that the Official Xbox Magazine noticed him! Crazy Delicious.

You can see his xBot fight online on youtube by going here.