Ubisoft tells us more about Vegas

Ubisoft has coughed up the details about the new Rainbow 6 (it’s actually #5) game, Vegas. The game will combine Xbox Live Vision to allow users to face map themselves on characters. Ubisoft also gave out details about a feature called tag using tag you can assign a CPU to a enemy thus making it easier to take out someone. The game will feature new gadgets (as always), and a new emphasis on Observe-Plan-Assault (OPA) tactics.

Enemy AI will be upgraded making the enemies alot smarter, which Ubisoft claims is needed for the newer consoles (really, so older systems get dumber enemies), enemies will also start to work in groups more often.

As stated before, you can customize your character a ton. Every thing from body armour to weapons, sights, to physical attributes (face textures is a big one).

As of now it will be getting an M rating and it is being devoloped by the Montreal Studio (who we haven’t heard from in a while [last game they made was Rainbow Six 3]). The game comes out next month for the Xbox 360 and PS3 only.