Use your Wireless Xbox360 Controller on Windows

Xbox 360 Wireless Reciever for WindowsI really like the Xbox 360 Wireless controller, as I can sit anywhere in my room and play my Xbox 360 without having to be tangled by wires. I like the gamepad a lot better then my joystick for many PC games as the gamepad just feels better. I have been waiting for Microsoft to release something so I can play PC games with my Xbox 360 controller. Microsoft is making a device that is supposed to allow you to do exactly that. Unfortunately, Microsoft has pushed back the date again for the Xbox360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows to February 21, 2007 with a price of about $20 dollars.

The cool thing about the Xbox360 Wireless Receiver is that it will not require having to purchase new controllers or other devices as they will already work with the Receiver. Each reciever can take up to 4 wireless Xbox 360 controllers (or other devices) so you can purchase one and allow 4 people to play using it. Microsoft already sells a wireless Xbox360 Controller for Windows but it costs around $65 dollars. Which is money that you can spend on games rather then new gamepads.

No stores currently have the item and Amazon has the wrong information about the release date. However you can preorder the item from amazon or EBgames.