Want a Wii for $79? PS3 for $139? 360 for $99? Vote now!

At time of posting, the Wii is crushing the competition at 55%.
Each holiday season, insanely-popular online retailer Amazon offers three related products for insanely good discounts.

The catch is, only one will be sold for that price- that’s where you come in. Users (sign up for a free account) vote on which product they would like discounted, and the winning one is sold- in very limited quantity- at the new price (ones that lose will also get at discount, but not at the price it would be if it won).

This year, Round 1 (“Game On”) consists of all three next-gen systems: the PlayStation 3, Wii, and 360. The Wii’s winning price would be $79; the PS3’s, $139; the 360’s, $99. All three are would be awesome, but due to the limited quantity, it won’t be easy to get the winning item when it goes live; last year, the Xbox 360 won, and killed the site!

You can only vote once, and the one you vote on is the one that you can buy if you are eligible. Anyway, happy voting!

(Also, in one of the rounds, there’s an HDTV for $1100 off, and a round consisting of a Sony Blu-ray player, a Toshiba HD-DVD, and an HD TiVo box…that’ll be a tough fight!)

NOTE: GameSpotting has nothing to do with this contest. Don’t comment here asking to get the deal, we can’t help you. We don’t sponsor this. Go complain to Amazon.