Want the DS Browser? You are outta luck if you go to retail stores.

Good News: Nintendo is going to release the DS browser. Allowing DS owners to surf the internet using their DS or DS Lite.
Bad News: It comes in two different versions. One for the DS Lite and one for the DS.

And to make it worse for the people who have the original DS and hate online shopping/want their grandparents (who don’t shop online) to buy it for them, the version you want can only be bought online (however we doubt that will ever be carried out properly). Nintendo didn’t state an exact price, yet we think it would be around $32 dollars (the cost of the browser in Japan). The original DS browser will be available on Nintendo’s own online store, yet the DS Lite one will be available in stores.

This news only brings to mind one of the only other game for the DS that was only sold online, Electroplankton, which was only available through Amazon, the NYC Nintendo Store and the Nintendo Online Store.

The DS browser should release on June 4th.