Want to get the PS3 for $100 dollars cheaper?

If you have a PS2, and really wanna get a PS3, then you can take your PS2 console in to any EBgames or GameStop and get $100 dollars off the PS3. Which is great, because the PS3 basically has a PS2 built inside of it. So you are just getting rid of some space for the colossal PS3 console that will take up your whole living room (that’s a joke, son). Of course, it has to have all the accessories (AV Cable, the original [or just a Sony] Controller, and the power cord), a 8MB memory card, and a second controller in order to be traded in. The offer is good until February 18. So if you really want a PS3, now is your chance to get one.

If you want proof of this promo you can either go buy the Sunday newspaper or see the ad on GameStop’s website.