Want to play Halo 3 Multiplayer Before it comes out?

Microsoft is going to open up its severs to fans today if you are fast. You can be able to play Halo 3 Multiplayer if you register for the beta run that starts today. The beta is only available for US, Canada but not everyone who registers will get the beta. Europeans will be able to play sometime later. Microsoft and Bungie haven’t revealed the requirements to play the game just yet.

You can sign up for the beta today by going here. When I last checked they said they were still open for registrations but the pages that you signup on were never put up [Update: the pages are now up]. Halo 3 is going to come out sometime during 2007 and only for the Xbox 360

MS and Bungie revealed the requirements for the game:

  • An Xbox 360 with a hard drive
  • Xbox Live Gold
  • A valid Microsoft. NET Passport account with a Xbox Live gamertag linked
  • And you have to be 17.

Good luck getting a beta slot.

[Update: This story was updated with new info as it came out today]