Whoa! That’s a bunch

When GameSpotting was moved over to a new engine (WordPress) that would make it easier to post content, it came with a anti-comment-spam system. And the wonderful people (Automattic, also makers of WordPress) who wrote this anti-spam feature (called Akismet) did an awesome job on it. Well Akismet caught it’s 4,999 (one short from the big time!) piece of spam today, and if you have not idea how much spam GameSpotting! gets, think about 60 or so a week. Some days we get 62 pieces of spam. This stuff is normally links to pills, XXX sites, stuff in Japanese or Chinese, overall spam sites, and Casinos. Which is all stuff I am apparently interested in having on my site, NOT.

So, thank you to Akismet and Automattic for making such a great website engine!

Update: We passed the 5,000 mark today with over some 48 pieces of spam.