Why 7/7 is the best for Halo fans

Cold Storage, a new Halo 3 mapLast year, Bungie day meant cheaper maps and free themes and gamerpics.

But that was last year, who cares about Halo 2 maps packs being cheaper? That’s right. No one. No worry though, because Bungie is giving Halo fans a lot more cool stuff. This year, Bungie (fans of 7) is going to be giving away:

  • 7 gamerpics that you can only download Monday only (same as last year)
  • Cold Storage (yes, that new map they just announced will be free on Monday. Seriously, a free map!)
  • And the Legendary Map Pack will be worth 600 Microsoft points (a drop in 200 Points!). It still includes the free 3 month subscription to Bungie Pro (this offer will not be available after 7/7)

For those who haven’t seen Cold Storage, there’s a picture of it on this post. Cold Storage is based off the Halo: Combat Evolved map Chill Out. To top everything off, Bungie produced a ViDoc called “And on the Seven7h day…” which is available on their website (via this link).